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The Neo Progressive Jazz Chapter


The Miles,Coltrane, and Cage International Acclaimed Neo Progressive Jazz Composer and Producer Erucakra Mahameru becoming widely known in the Berklee College Of Music Boston USA (95 Alumni).

The Music of Erucakra Mahameru qouted by John Cage Scholar Ed Van Ness (N.S.O Conductor/Boston U PhD) as "Vision Of The Future" (American Returnees Concert in early 2000) .


After the remastering project at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London U.K.(August 31,2010) , Erucakra decided to form a complete band entitled Erucakra Mahameru & C Man to finally perform his few other singles from the Marathon Journey C Man album that hit the iTunes U.S. an Europe charts in 2009.


First Live Performance established in a small city tour of a complete package of the

Erucakra & C Man Asia ProTour . Then in March 2011, the group was officially invited to perform at the International Java Jazz Festival in Jakarta by the Java Festival Production.

The Official Java Jazz Festival Online Media VivaNews had also qouted that Erucakra & C Man was the opening for the legendary group Santana. 


In October 2015, Erucakra & C Man invited to perform at Yongin Global Jazz Festival in South Korea as the most extraordinary band from Indonesia.

The Erucakra & C Man Neo Progressive Jazz is one of the first original genres invented by Erucakra Mahameru.


The journey moved on, in August 2016, the 9th Daegu International Jazz Festival  2016 South Korea invited Erucakra & C Man as the most versatile Jazz musicians who combine both element of Jazz and Rock.


Erucakra & C Man announced their first World Tour Schedule for 2016-2017.


In early 2011, Erucakra met friend Gideon Momongan to promote the first International Jazz Festival named after North Sumatra Jazz Festival annually celebrated in the city of Medan Indonesia.


As an inventor of Advanced Live Sound Performance Erucakra established a new ground breaking in high resolution Live Jazz mastering invention the NEV that later pursued the new HTX Holographic Multi Surround Mastering Technology Solution.


Along with the World Award-Winning NEV Invention, and the main Neo Progressive Jazz producer for Erucakra & C Man, Erucakra  finally agreed to get signed to WEM/NCB label for it's first Scandinavian NEV-CD Album "Live Under The Sun" new market release in Norway.


And in a spectacular Erucakra & C Man performance collaboration at North Sumatra Jazz Festival 2013, he has gained great government appreciation for the first Neo Progressive Jazz Special theatrical performance/movement entitled "Quiet Rain".


In 2014, Erucakra & C Man performed their first Tribute To Miles Davis featuring Miles Percussionist Legend Steve Thornton.


And in 2016, Erucakra Mahameru introduced his wide expansion Neo Progressive Jazz characteristic  (The Erucakra Neo Progressive Jazz Scale/Advanced Synthetic Modal Scale) after a successful collaboration project at 6th North Sumatra Jazz Festival 2016 with the Jeff Lorber Band performing great song/composition entitled "Montserrat (Jeff Lorber & Jimmy Haslip).


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